Certificate and Program of Study

Graduate Certificate in Educational Media/Instructional Technology: Web-based Distance Learning

New Cohort Now Forming

  • Application deadline for Spring (January) Cohort: November 1
  • Application deadline for Fall (August) Cohort: July 1

Application Request: Contact Matt Tate, ASU Distance/Extension: 800-355-4084, ext. 2916 | 828-262-2916 or email: tateme2@appstate.edu

Program Description

The certificate program is designed to meet the interest and needs of community college and higher education faculty/staff, K-12 teachers, media specialist, corporate and health trainers, and individuals interested in the design and development of online educational and training materials/programs. The certificate program serves individuals who do not wish to earn a Master of Arts degree, but wish to expand their knowledge and skills in web-delivered online distance learning and teaching.

The Certificate Program provides participants with a diversity of learning experiences. These include web page development, the development of virtual learning communities, instructional design, multimedia production, and online teaching.

Format and Organization

To complete the Certificate in Web-based distance learning the student needs to complete 15 hours of approved course of study by the program advisor (see below). The certificate program is delivered completely online. Please note: a student who wishes to enter the Master of Arts graduate program is strongly advised to apply to the graduate school before the completion of 9 credit hours.

Certificate programs begin in the fall or spring semester. Students take one (1) class per semester and complete the program in 5 semesters (including 1 summer semester). Students can elect to take more courses each semester and shorten the completion time.

Sample Plan of Study for Certificate Program Starting in Fall Semester

* Certificate cohorts need 15 students to begin

Semester Course
(The certificate program requires 15 credits for completion. Each course is 3 credit hours.)
First Fall CI 5642 Introduction to Web Page Design and Development
First Spring CI 5200 Multimedia Image Production
Summer CI 5630 Instructional Technology; CI 5530 Web 2.0 and Social Networking or CI 5636 Emerging Issues & Trends (a current topic)*
Second Fall CI 5921 Instructional Design **
Second Spring CI 5636 Online Teaching and Learning (follows Instructional Design -- 2 course sequence) *
Note: This is a typical sample program of study; individual student's work may vary from this sample. Deviations are approved in consulation with your program coordinator.
* Emerging Issues and Trends in Media and Technology, up to 9 hours
** Instructional Design must be taken before Online Teaching and Learning

Note: students wishing to move from the certificate program must contact the program coordinator before completing two (2) classes.


Access to the Internet (broadband is required) and a computer (Mac or Windows). Experiences with the Internet browsing and searching, word processing, and email is required.


A baccalaureate from an accredited college or university (or a corresponding degree for non-USA students). Individuals wishing to be admitted to the certificate program need to complete the Graduate Admissions Application Online at: https://www.gradadmissions1.appstate.edu/gradweb/default.asp  A bachelors degree is required for admission to the graduate certificate program.

Tution and Fees: http://distance.appstate.edu/financial-information

Students missing the university deadline for application may be able to start as a "non-degree" student. Please contact the Distance Education Manager listed below for assistance.

Contact the Distance Education Manager/Extension Office

Distance Education Program Manager: Matt Tate
Email: tateme2@appstate.edu
Toll-free Phone: 800-355-4084, ext. 2916
Local Phone: 828-262-2916
Fax: 828-265-8673
Website: http://distance.appstate.edu

Contact the Program Advisor and Coordinator

Dr. Herb Brown
Email: brownhf@appstate.edu
Office: (828) 262-3132