Instructional Technology Leadership (Post-Master's)

Post-Master's Graduate Certificate in Instructional Technology Leadership

The Post Master’s Graduate Certificate Program is designed for students wishing advanced study in the realm of Instructional Technology/Educational Media, that they might be more fully prepared for leadership roles in technology in educational environments. Students will further their knowledge in instructional leadership, management, media literacy, strategic planning, and the social, ethical, and legal issues surrounding the use of digital technologies.

Students who participate in this program will enter with a Master’s degree in Educational Media/Instructional Technology or a related field. Courses which are part of this certificate will serve as a concentration in the Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) in Educational Leadership for students who are admitted to that program. Up to 18 credits earned in this program will transfer into the doctoral program if a student is accepted into that program. Students interested in obtaining the Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership degree with this concentration should review the admissions requirement for that program on their program website as well. 

This program is offered fully online.

Program Details:

Admission Requirements: Master's degree from an accredited college or university; complete application to the Graduate School. 

Location: Online

Course Requirements:

  • ITC 6010: Learning, Design, and Technology
  • ITC 6020: Social, Legal, and Ethical Issues in Utilizing Digital Technologies (3)
  • ITC 6030: Planning for Instructional Technology Initiatives (3)
  • ITC 6040: Technology Leadership and Management for Systemic Improvement (3)
  • CI 6050: Critical Research and Perspectives in New Media and Literacies (3)
  • ITC 6910: Research and Applications in Instructional Technology Leadership (3)

Semester Hours Required (minimum): 18

Note: Admission to this Post-Master's Certificate program does not guarantee admission to the Doctor of Education degree program.